Kokoon Silks: Timeless Elegance of the Southeast Asian Silk Scarves

Kokoon Silks is a brand dedicated to preserving, reviving, and interpreting beautiful silk scarves motifs found in South East Asia. Staying true to its artisanal model, the constant quest for unique motifs and exceptional techniques create elegant, timeless pieces.

Specializing in silk, Kokoon has a variety of scarves, shawls, sarong sets, and pashmina throws that are the perfect gift for your loved ones. Kokoon has also launched a ready-to-wear collection that personifies elegance in garments. Additionally, Kokoon has prepared luxurious travel sets, Kokoon ESSENTIALS, available in five different selections to satisfy your every travel-related need.

ABOUT The CompanY

Kokoon LTD PTE, based in Singapore, set out to bring sentiment for exceptional craftsmanship and experience of indulgent silks to a worldwide audience. Its mission is to introduce beautiful motifs of Southeast Asian origins to vast markets. Independent and socially responsible, the company is committed to maintaining the majority of its production in Indonesia, and investing in a zero-waste policy.

Designer Kokoon Silks

the designer

KOKOON garment collection is designed by haute-couture designer Michel Harcourt, who worked as the right hand to Karl Lagerfeld for 10 years and designed exclusive pieces for some of the most prestigious fashion houses (Givenchy, Herve Leger, Calvin Klein just to name a few)

The process of creation of a delicate silk scarf is just as intriguing as the end product itself. If you have ever treated yourself to a KOKOON silk, you understand the magic behind it. All our pieces are one of a kind due to our unique handmade process. Check out our video to learn more!


Here at KOKOON Silks we strongly believe in the power of collaboration. We are open to new ideas and working with other designers. The creativity of other artist inspire us. The four pieces from our collaboration with Quarzia had an amazing feedback and we are looking forward for more.

The Year

The Year

KOKOON year begins in late March with the hatching of the butterflies. In the spirit of rebirth, just like butterflies breaking out of their cocoons and spreading their wings, new additions are added to KOKOON’s collection.