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Here at Kokoon we strongly believe in the power of collaboration, and there are only two names that instantly came to mind to create our first unique and timeless collaboration designs – Marco and Simonetta of Quarzia. There is no doubt that when it comes to good design and immaculate craftsmanship Italians rightfully set the benchmark of quality. Understanding and respect of artisanal traditions is something Quarzia takes very seriously.


––Marco & Simonetta


Quarzia was founded in 2004 by two Italian designers who fell in love with the island of Bali and decided to make it home to their Batik specialised label. Motivated by “the freedom to express themselves” and enchanted by the Indonesian batik manufacturing technique, Marco and Simonetta revolutionised the design process by fusing ancient art of fabric decoration with a contemporary European twist.

collaboration with quarzia
collaboration with quarzia kokoon
collaboration with quarzia kokoon

The result of Kokoon x Quarzia collaboration are four stunning designs that instantly received recognition from our customers all over the world.

We caught up with Marco and Simonetta to get their take on the collaboration:


Tell us a little bit about Quarzia.

We believe in “eternal” clothes that are one-of-a-kind with unique designs, cuts and style that are both timeless and cutting edge. Pieces that create emotional response: love, affection and attachment therefore contributing to the longevity and timelessness of silk, rather than following short-lived trends.


How long have you known Kokoon? How did you feel about collaborating?

We’ve known Kokoon for many years due to working in the same industry. Both our brands work with silk to create our pieces. The main difference is in the production technique, Quarzia only produces handmade Batik, while Kokoon prints the design on silk using the silkscreen technique. We were excited to collaborate and combine our respective expertise to create four timeless designs.


What was the inspiration and process behind the designs?

Our process usually goes like this: after we find the inspiration to draw from, we play with the designs and modify them as much as possible until we reach a new and original take on it. For this collaboration we decided to create two geometric and two organic patterns. For the Flag pattern we were inspired by the Scottish Tartan Fabric, Guci pattern is inspired by Chains and its repetition. Organic patterns were inspired by waterlilies and peacock feathers.


How do you view the outcome of the collaboration?

We are very happy with the pieces created! Definitely impressed how well it worked out as Kokoon and Quarzia use different Batik techniques! Beautiful results!


What is Quarzia up to these days?

We are full steam ahead working on our 2019 collection! We are playing around with colour and contradicting matchings. Our goal is to always allow Quarzia silk pieces to become wearable art.

We are also building a new workshop and a show room in Ubud.

These are the 4 motifs from KOKOON x QUARZIA collaboration. Chose between scarves, shawls, pashmina shawls, fans and hairbands.  

Available, in our website, Quarzia boutique in Seminyak, our headquarter and at the airport international departure. 


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