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Cindy Bishop is a Thai-American supermodel, actress, tv-host, activist, a wife and a mother to two beautiful children.

Kokoon had the pleasure of interviewing Cindy about her personal style and favourite accessories.


— Cindy Bishop

Cindy, you have such a busy schedule managing work and family life, yet you always look flawless and effortlessly stylish? Tell us your secret

Being a woman on-the-go and especially a working mother of two, who needs to look stylish (or at least presentable) most of the time, I rely heavily on good time management and style hacks.

I often find myself going straight from my daughter’s swim meet to an event and have to do a quick change in the car! My fashion secret: have a selection of basic and classic pieces such as suits, dresses and tops in neutral colours and then play around with accessories such as bags, shoes, scarves and jewellery.

You invest a lot of time in different areas, you are a tv host, a model, an actress and a mother of two wonderful kids, in this journey of yours, what have you learned about your personal style?

My style is a blend of many elements and really depends on the day and function I’m attending. For the most part, I’m not really into fashion trends but prefer a more classic, timeless look. I enjoy mixing and matching new pieces to what I already have in my wardrobe. In my line of work, I have to get glammed up quite a lot, so when I’m not working, my personal style is very relaxed and casual.

How has your style evolved over the years due to your work in fashion?

Working in the fashion industry, I’ve had the chance to explore many different styles and trends over the years. My style has changed gradually as well. I used to love wearing very bohemian styles and I’ve also gone through a rocker stage and a vintage phase, so I suppose there are elements of all of the above in my personal style. I love to mix and match and have fun with different looks.

If you had to choose 3 must have/favourite accessories, what would they be?

A chic leather tote bag (that’s stylish, yet can hold everything I need for the day), a pair of wedge espadrilles, and a Kokoon silk scarf (it is so versatile! I can tie it to my bag, around my neck or wrap up it around my head to hide a bad hair day).

What is it about a silk scarf that makes it such a timeless accessory?

There’s something so elegant and timeless about a silk scarf. It adds a touch of chic to almost any outfit. I have a collection of silk scarves from my mother that I still mix and match with my outfits today. I love the colours and the touch of luxury that a gorgeous scarf around my neck or in my hair adds to my look.

Any advice for styling a silk scarf?

Around your neck, either loosely draped or tied stylishly. As a hair accessory around a ponytail, or as a head-wrap (my personal favourite). Tie a scarf to your favourite handbag or around your waist as a belt. Wrap yourself up in a luxurious pashmina, match with a pair of stilettos and a clutch for a night out. Think about the colours you usually wear and select a scarf that will compliment your wardrobe palette. There are no rules and so many fun ways to style a scarf! Just play around and see what works for you!

What is your favourite piece from the Kokoon’s new collection? Why?

I’m in love with the silk and pashmina shawl in Banji Blue! I’ve already taken it on a trip to Tokyo, where it kept me lovely and warm. I chose it because the colour matches my eyes.

I love the fact that each colour and pattern of the new collection comes in a variety of styles: scarves, shawls or with pashmina wool lining. It’s the perfect gift for that special woman in your life, no matter what age!


— Cindy Bishop

We are very pleased and excited to introduce Cindy Bishop as our brand ambassador. Her grace, style and determination is how we see a true Kokoon woman.

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