Five different sets ideal for traveling: 

  1. Repair Essentials
  2. Sleep Essential
  3. Travel Essential
  4. Outdoors Essentials
  5. Sensual Essentials


Created with nature’s most powerful ingredients, all the items of each set are under 100ml to easily slip it in carryons. Real handy for travelers. See below for more information on each set and get a load of the very best essentials.

Kokoon Essentials Set

The Repair Essentials travel set will heal damages caused by travel. Inflight air dramatically dehydrates, but our thoughtful essentials revitalize hair & body to assure you quickly feel invigorated.

This Sleep Travel Set is a unique selection of thoughtfully chosen products to promote deep relaxation of body and mind whilst enhancing the quality of your sleep when you are traveling.

This Travel Protection Set will help you fight germs and add comfort during travel. Create your own protective KOKOON wherever you are.

The Outdoor Essentials travel set will protect you on your out-of-doors quests. A unique selection of thoughtfully chosen items that provide protection and comfort on an adventurous day.

The Sensual Essentials travel set will stimulate your romantic pleasures for a getaway to remember. A unique selection of thoughtfully chosen items that not only let the mind wonder but improve desire, arousal, promote relaxation, and help stimulate all your senses.

KOKOON Essentials travel sets have been specially designed to create confort in your travels. Wether  you are in a plane, outdoor, in a hotel room (alone or well accompanied) we would love you to have your own Kokoon, your own protected space.


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