The Signature Piece

Each year Kokoon selects a Signature Colour. RED is the Signature Colour for 2019.

It is used for one unique design and its packaging, making this Signature Piece a collector’s item.

Singa Red is the Signature Piece for 2018, representing passion for timeless and magnificent skills.

0079 shawl box silk scarves silk shawl silk throws silk pashmina silk fans silk sarong

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Silk Shawl In Singa Red

USD 128.00
0015 singa red flat

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Wooden Fan In Singa Red

USD 38.00
0078 scarf box

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Silk Scarf In Singa Red

USD 88.00
0089 singa red flat

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Silk Hairband In Singa Red

USD 8.00

The perfect gift, especially to oneself!