The launch of KOKOON´S face mask collection

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Kokoon is pleased to introduce its first matching face mask collection.


The face mask has become an essential we cannot leave behind, and that has now become the new norm in most parts of the world. But one of the downsides of using a face mask is that the mask can cause irritations in the skin leading to anything from breakouts to rashes. 


But if you choose the right fabric for your facemask, you can avoid these unpleasant irritations. 


 Let´s review 5 benefits of wearing a silk mask:

Most effective against the virus

Recent studies show that a face mask made from purse silk is most effective against the
coronavirus´ droplet transmission. The fibers of the silk are the toughest for the virus to
penetrate. This protection has been proved to maintain even after multiple washes.


Due to the fibers; structure, the silk discards almost all germs and leaves very little space for
dust and other allergens to settle.


Silk is a natural thermal regulator, making the moist and warm climate between your face and the mask cooler. Which is also very beneficial for preventing clogged pores.

Temperature Regulator

Silk does not absorb creams, make-up or natural oils from your skin. Making your skin feel
and look fresher and younger.

Will not steal your beauty creams and makeup

Silk does not absorb creams, make-up or natural oils from your skin. Making your skin feel and look fresher and younger. 

Kokoon silk face mask is made from the highest grade 25 momme organic mulberry silk.

We use two layers of silk since new studies from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention
(CDC) show that it boosts the protection against the coronavirus while also ensures a tighter fit against your face.

Now all your favourite motifs are available in face masks that will give you the best protection against the coronavirus and prevent facial irritation, making you safe, resilient, and stylish!

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*Promotion valid from 1.1.2021 to 15.2.2021. Note: the mask color may slightly vary.